Window Series

We offer three distinct window product lines to provide the exact combination of economy, performance, aesthetics and architectural authenticity for any type of home and every homeowner’s taste. Each series holds unique attributes that will best suit your climate, location and style while being energy efficient. Each window series has been ENERGY STAR certified to help Chicago’s homes and buildings save on energy costs.

Find the one that’s right for you.


Competitively Priced, Low Maintenance Vinyl
  • Most affordable option
  • Standard construction & design features with quality craftsmanship
  • Easy care vinyl

Stronger & More Durable, Quality Vinyl
  • Superior Durability
  • Our most popular design features & options deliver a more quality look
  • Exceptional Energy Efficiency

Top-of-the-line Performance & Customization
  • Industry leading energy efficiency, structural & thermal performance
  • Virtually impervious to weather conditions
  • Design pressure rating of DP50




Quality, Durable Vinyl

Quality Laminate

Low Maintenance

Interior Finishes

2 solid vinyl extrusion colors

3 solid vinyl extrusions colors, 1 wood finish

3 solid vinyl extrusions colors, 3 wood finishes

Exterior Finishes

2 solid vinyl extrusion colors

3 solid vinyl extrusion colors, 5 paint colors

3 solid vinyl extrusion colors, 1 laminate


.24 U-Factor

.21 U-Factor

.19 U-Factor

Thermal Performance


What’s unique about ClimateGuard Windows is you can customize your windows to meet all of your standards. Since we manufacture our windows in our ClimateGuard factory, we can provide custom window features. Choose your desired color, shape, style and series and provide us with your measurements.

Our Factory + your home

Not only are ClimateGuard windows highly energy efficient, but they are also manufactured and delievered directly from the ClimateGuard factory in Chicago. There’s no need to worry about your shipment breaking on it’s way to your home when you order from ClimateGuard Windows.