ClimateGuard offers a variety of glass block window styles to complement your space. While sometimes used for decorative appeal, they are most often used for utility purposes. Glass block windows with or without vents are commonly used for privacy and security in basements and bathrooms. We use a 3” thin line block, which allows for endless design options. For ventilation and air flow, add windows (usually a hopper style) or a glass block window vent (or dryer vent).


We offer a variety of glass block window styles and sizes for easy installation in brick or wood openings. Our window panels come fully assembled and feature the following standard features:
  • Fabricated to meet highest new construction & building standards
  • Provides both security and design appeal
  • Excellent insulating U/R values at .53/1.89
  • Thick, break-resistant glass blocks deter would-be intruders, enhancing the security of your home — great for basements and street-level spaces
  • Allows for maximum light transmission
  • Constructed with water-proof masonry cement
  • Dryer vent or vinyl hopper vent optional
  • Available in Clarity, Wave & Iceberg patterns
  • Obscured glass offers privacy while still allowing natural light into your home. Glass block windows are ideal for use in bathrooms

Window Patterns

Choose from the following glass block patterns to find a style and use best suited for your home.


  • Clear, see-through glass
  • Allows for maximum light transmission
  • Usually used along with privacy blocks for areas when visibility is needed
  • Great for interior decorative walls in your home or office


  • Our most popular pattern
  • Attractive marble glass design
  • Random intersecting wave pattern obscures visibility to provide privacy
  • Smooth surface is easy to clean


  • Complex random pattern obscures visisbility to provide maximum privacy
  • Excellent transmission of light
  • Adds contemporary style to your home
  • Designed for smaller applications such as basement or bathroom windows


For your utility window needs, choose from a Residential-Grade Glass Block Hopper Vent or a Basement Escape Window.


  • Welded main frame is stronger than mechanically fastened vents and provides an air-tight seal
  • Special fasteners prevent movable sash from loosening due to repeated use
  • 1/8” heavy aluminum bar stock hinges for lasting strength
  • Double-glazed vent
  • Dual durometer seal is integrated directly into sash
  • V. stabilized vinyl extrusion maintains overall durability and performance
  • Extrusion-designed key locks provide a strong installation bond
  • Available in standard white frame color with frosted or clear double-glazed glass
  • Fiberglass charcoal screen keeps bugs out


  • Heavy gauge vinyl extrusion
  • Welded main frame for superior strength
  • Air-tight seal
  • Double-glazed sash
  • Screen pushes out easily from the inside
  • Handles located on the top of window
  • Dual durometer seal is integrated directly into sash
  • V. stabilized vinyl extrusion maintains overall durability and performance
  • Available in all of our Ultraview colors with frosted or clear double-glazed glass
  • Custom sizes available


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