Glass Options

Choose from a variety of glass options when you order your custom window or door. Our glass options include tempered, laminated, frosted, and tinted glass. Tempered and laminated glass provide additional strength, safety, and noise control. Frosted glass creates a sense of privacy while still allowing light to filter in. Tinted glass minimizes the sun’s UV rays and glare, keeping rooms cooler and more comfortable. Explore our available window glass types and their features and benefits in the table below.

Specialty Glass Options

Tempered Glass
Glass Options

Frosted Obscure Glass
Glass Options

Laminated Glass
Glass Options

Tinted Glass

Best Use

Strength and safety

Intimate spaces that require privacy

Increased safety and noise control

Mitigate the glare of the sun


  • Toughened or strong glass similar to that used in automobile windshields
  • Used where injuries from broken glass are a concern
  • Usually shatters into small, square fragments instead of sharp shards when broken
  • Has no polymer interlayer to hold it together like laminated glass, so glass does fall apart
  • Low-E insulating glass with a textured surface
  • Lets the sun shine in while obscuring the view
  • Ideal for bathrooms or bedrooms
  • Polymer interlayer that holds the glass together if it’s shattered
  • Provides added protection from intruders
  • Reduces outside noise
  • Helps block the sun’s rays
  • Keeps rooms that get direct sun cooler


Solar Control



Noise Control

Our specialty window glass types and custom window designs create the perfect product for your home or building. While each glass option is unique, each includes one common feature: the ability to keep the outdoors—heat, cold, wind, rain, snow, and ice—out.