window replacement

When to Replace your Windows

window replacement

When is it time for a Window Replacement?

Is it time for a new window replacement? Windows aren’t something people think about on a daily basis, but after years of wear & tear, they should be replaced. First, ask yourself what year were they installed? If it was during the 70’s or 80’s, it is in your best interest to begin exploring new window treatment options for your home. ClimateGuard has advanced technology and glass options to help significantly cut back on energy costs while giving your home a beautiful and updated appearance. Consider the advice below to determine if this year is your year to invest in new windows.

Save Energy and Money
In the world we live in today, there has been extreme advancements to limit the energy use in your home. One of the main ways to cut back on energy costs is to consider new windows to insulate your home and avoid any drafts that are getting through your old windows. The new glass technology offered at ClimateGuard limits air leakage and increases energy efficiency by offering cardinal glass options, U-Factor glass packages and therefore, increasing the thermal performance of each window option.

Older windows weren’t manufactured with the glass technology that is fortunately offered today. This new technology is specifically designed to maximize the energy efficiency of homes and offer stronger protection. ClimateGuard windows are Energy Star approved, meaning they are certified energy efficient windows. Below shows the annual savings when upgrading to energystar certified windows in your home according to your geographic location.

window replacement

By simply replacing old single pane windows, you can save up to hundreds of dollars and cut back on thousands of pounds of Carbon Dioxide emissions according to EnergyStar. If your windows aren’t energy efficient, you should strongly consider a new window replacement.

Style and Curb Appeal
New windows can give a whole new dimension to the curb appeal of your home. Do your window frames have cracked paint or cracked insulation? If the answer is yes, its time for a new window replacement. The cardinal technology used to manufacture vinyl glass windows at ClimateGuard make the glass on your window extremely clear leaving the overall appearance of your home looking clean cut from a distance. New exterior framing can also make an extraordinary difference in the way your home looks.

Natural Light
The desire for more natural light in your home is another reason to consider a new window replacement. Considering the facts above about the technology used to manufacture windows, it makes it affordable and efficient to use more natural light indoors rather than installing light fixtures. Windows can significantly open up a dark congested room, without the cost of an entire room remodel.

Long-term Durability
Investing in new windows that are manufactured with much higher quality technology makes them much more durable and long lasting. ClimateGuard windows will maintain a new, clean and updated appearance long-term. Durability and strength performance are among the several components that have been improved with the windows manufactured now VS. several years ago. If you’re planning on keeping the same home for a long time, then investing in durable and reliable windows is worth every penny!


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