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Window & Child Safety – Tips

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Window Safety Task Force
Many people ignore the possibilities of worst-case-scenario’s happening when beginning to venture into the window and door installation process. According to Safe Kids Worldwide, 2,200 children die from home related injuries. However, the WSTF is dedicated to ensuring home windows meet strong safety standards to keep children safe and prevent more of these tragic deaths from occuring. Before installing windows and doors on your home, consider the following tips about windows and doors that may one day, save your life.

Blind Cords
One of the top causes of window deaths occur with dangling blind cords that many people still use in their homes today. According to statistics from Safe Kids Worldwide, 1,200 children ages 12 and under have died due to deaths involving strangulation in the home, in 2013.

This is significant insight to groups such as the WSTF because windows are a cause to children suffocation inside the home. Blinds and the strings attached to them are incredibly dangerous to a child’s life, especially a child just beginning to walk and touches everything in reach. A solution to blind cord injuries is getting built in blinds or shades which prevent running the risk of your child getting tangled in a dangerous object.

Furniture Placement
Other common ways children have encountered injuries linked to windows are by having furniture too close to the window. Children like to inevitably play on the furniture greatly increasing the chance of a window accident if the furniture is located too close to the window. As unlikely as this scenario sounds to actually happen it must be acknowledged with precaution. The best solution is to keep your baby’s crib on a different wall without a window. In addition, keeping big furniture children like jumping on, away from the window.

Window Screens
Screen safety is also a way windows are considered unsafe to children. They are made to keep insects out of the home, but are not made to keep your child inside. Screens aren’t strong enough to be a guaranteed way of saving a human life, regardless of an individuals weight and size.

A great solution to protecting your child is to invest in window guards. They are attached to the exterior part of the window and can save the life of a child in a situation where the screen, won’t. Window guards are also a great way to keep burglars out, in addition to locking your windows. If you have double-hung windows, be sure to open the top part of the window rather than the bottom to ensure total safety with your child.

Window Locks
Window locks are easily forgotten before heading up to bed. However, it’s extremely important to remember to double check that the windows are locked at night. In seasons such as summer and spring, people like to leave their windows open for fresh air, but its increasing the risk of a break in. Issues have occurred with double-hung windows and their Look into windows that offer two interior locks which makes it possible to keep part of the window open while being locked.



  1. I agree that double checking windows are locked at night is a good idea. However, it is one of the reasons I like casement windows. You can restrict how far they can be opened and it makes it possible to leave them open at night without worrying too much. However, it is still probably best to just close and lock them.

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