Innergy Reinforcements – What are they?

Innergy Reinforcements


Innergy Reinforcements

What are they?

Innergy Thermal Rigid Reinforcements are the new cutting edge green alternative to using aluminum reinforcement inserts for your windows and doors for insulation purposes. Innergy Reinforcements slide into the frame of a ClimateGuard ThermaForce window, or door frame. Once inserted, the Innergy Reinforcement significantly cuts back on energy costs with its advanced insulation and structural support mechanism.

Innergy Reinforcements are green because they are made of advanced fiber glass with 20-percent bio-based resin. Additionally, renewable resources such as soy is used in it’s overall composition. Innergy reinforcements were designed by two sustainability experts, Deceuninck and Bayer MaterialScience LLC, to obtain maximum insulation and strength with any window or door.

High Performance
Innergy has improved the overall performance of its alternative, aluminum reinforcements. Innergy takes the leading role in being stronger, more stable, and flexible without using chemicals such as styrene or peroxide. Innergy thermal reinforcements has up to a 700 times better thermal performance as a result of its material component compared to using aluminum.

Temperature and Weather Resistant
Innergy Reinforcements are suitable to adapt to extreme hot or cold tempretures thus giving it a better thermal break. Aluminum reinforcements tend to leave stains on the window because aluminum is non-resistant to condensation. Innergy Reinforcements are much more resistant to condensation and won’t leave stains as a result.

The strong material used to manufacture Innergy Reinforcements, gives it much more strength to resist any impact. Not only is it much stronger than aluminum, but it offers much more flexibility, meaning it won’t permanently set when confronted with high winds.

The Science Behind Better Performance
Innergy Thermal Reinforcements are scientifically proven to have superior strength and maximum insulation compared to any metal alternative. Although Innergy Reinforcements are made of bio-friendly products, their main source of sustainability lies in its capacity to save energy with it’s superior insulation factor.

The science behind the creating Innergy Reinforcements is the secret inside new energy savings, according to Deceuninck. Deceuninck’s collaboration with Bayer MaterialScience LLC, has made Innergy Thermal Reinforcements the leading solution to save on energy with a highly reliable structural performance.


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