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Double Hung Windows – features and benefits

double hung windows


Double Hung Windows – Features & Benefits

Is it time for a window replacement? Double Hung windows could be the best option for you. Before the cold, windy winter season, a window replacement is a great way to keep your home comfortable and protected. Double Hung windows are great for keeping your energy costs low and keeping your home ventilated and safe while requiring very low maintance. The ClimateGuard Team are fully trained experts that have been keeping Chicago homes and buildings insulated and safe from the typical climate conditions in Chicago. Contact a ClimateGuard representative to ensure a fast, easy and top-quality window replacement plan.

Since double hung windows have two panels as oppose to a single panel, they are able to offer more access to fresh air. Especially in the kitchen and bath, double hung windows are able to quickly ventilate strong smoke from cooking and thick steam from the shower. Without access to ventilation, steam and humidity can build up and eventually mold can begin growing on your walls. However, with double hung windows ventilating your home, it will keep your walls healthy and long lasting.

Double hung windows have the unique capability to keep the top panel tilted while leaving the lower panel closed. This is perfect for when you only need a small amount of ventilation such as during a rain storm or at night when the temperature drops. Wherever you live in the windy city, your guaranteed to get the perfect amount of Chicago wind to flow through your home by having double hung windows installed.

Energy Efficiency
ClimateGuard double hung windows have a several customized options to keep energy costs down in your home. Our double hung windows are manufactured using premium glass technologies – LoE 270, LoE 366 and Neat Glass – each providing a strong insulation features. Each double hung window has internal cavities to enhance thermal performance features. In addition, a bulb seal at both head and sill giving it tight compression and protection. It has a triple weather seal and full weather stripping to keep the harsh cold weather out for total indoor comfort.

These are only a few features that double hung windows have to offer strong insulation and weather protection to keep your energy costs extremely low. ClimateGuard windows are EnergyStar certified keeping your home energy efficient, sealed and protected. Although double hung windows may not be the cheapest option, they offer exclusive benefits that eventually save you money and time in the long run.

Easy Maintenance
There are several ways double hung windows are low maintenance. For starters, they are extremely easy to clean. Old and traditional windows are difficult to clean, and some people even hire professionals to wash the exterior of their window for them. Double hung windows easily tilt inward so you can clean the interior and exterior side of the window easily.

Another reason they are easy maintenance are because of their safety features. Double hung windows are perfect if there are young children in the home. It removes the possibilities of any dangerous injuries brought forth by the Window Safety Task Force involving child safety. Lastly, with double hung windows, you can lock the lower panel while keeping the upper panel open during the night or when you step out of the home for maximum home protection.


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