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Why Choose a ClimateGuard Window?

A ClimateGuard Window typically sits on the forefront of most Chicago contractors and homeowners list when it comes to deciding on a window replacement. ClimateGuard is a leading window manufacturer in Chicago. Below are the facts to why ClimateGuard is Chicago’s go-to window replacement manufacturer for a hundreds of contractors and families in Illinois.

Made in Chicago
One of the top problems consumers face when ordering from out-of-state window companies is having their windows delivered to their home in poor condition. Window companies have a significant duty to deliver a large and extremely fragile piece of glass to your home in a quick manner. Therefore, its a no brainer why so many problems within the shipping process can quickly become a major set back in a window replacement process.

If you live in the Chicago area, you can easily avoid this problem like the millions of other ClimateGuard customers have. ClimateGuard is a Chicago born and raised company. This puts ClimateGuard above the other close competing window companies that residents and businesses in Chicago rely on and trust. Avoid shipping issues such as, lost shipments and broken glass, and order your next window or door from ClimateGuard in Logan Square or any Studio41 Home Design Showroom location. Why increase the risk of a major setback when you can have your custom windows directly delivered from the factory to your door? If you live in Chicago, you don’t need to worry about this problem.

Designed for Chicago
Next ask yourself, who would understand Chicago winds and harsh weather better than a Chicago-based window manufacturer? No one except maybe a meteorologist. However, over 40 years of being a leading window manufacturer in Chicago, ClimateGuard has gathered an extensive amount of weather research, likewise to the job of a meteorologist. This research has significantly assisted to improve ClimateGuard’s glass technology and insulation features to better suit a Chicago home or building. Inevitably, this has made a ClimateGuard window an extremely long-lasting and durable investment for your home.

ClimateGuard window

This diagram above is a window from the ClimateGuard ThermaForce window series. By simply glancing at this diagram of features, there are significant improvements that are different than a window manufactured 10 years ago. Bulb seal, internal cavities, full width weather stripping, and triple weather seal are only a few identifiable improvements made to a ClimateGuard window overtime. With even more custom window options, a ClimateGuard window is the strongest and most durable option to withstand the harsh lake effect and fast blowing winds in Chicago.

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