Virtual Factory Tour

Welcome to the Virtual Factory Tour! The Virtual Factory Tour allows you to navigate around the factory to see how our windows are made. Click the numbers in the bottom right corner to move around floors. Scroll in and out with your mouse for the zoom feature. For more detailed instructions on how to take the Virtual Factory Tour, click the “How to Navigate” link below.

Pan Your View
‘Look around’ left to right, up & down, 360°
Control panel
  • Use the arrows in the compass wheel in the top right corner of the virtual tour to rotate incrementally in any direction
  • Drag the “N” directional icon around the circumference of the compass wheel to pan smoothly left-to-right

Control panel
  • Use the left and right arrows on your keyboard

Control panel
  • Click and drag on the image with your mouse for a smooth panoramic view

Walk around the Factory or Jump to a Location
‘Take steps’ forward, backwards, left & right; Jump to a Location
Control panel
  • Click on one of the white chevron arrows overlaid in the center of the image; they will display all available directions to proceed

Control panel
  • Use the up and down arrows on your keyboard to move forward and backwards

Control panel
  • Click an area highlighted by a flat circle in the distance to jump to that location

Below is our factory located in Logan Square, Chicago. With the Virtual Factory Tour, you are able to view every service we have to offer such as repair to manufacturing. Enjoy the Virtual Factory Tour and exclusive sneak peak on how ClimateGuard manufactures millions of top quality windows in Chicago.

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