uShield Glass Packages

We offer three performance glass packages designed to best meet your needs for cost, function, energy efficiency & thermal performance.

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ThermaForce Windows

Superior Thermal Performance
Our most energy efficient window with features and design options to fit your lifestyle
  • Outstanding energy efficiency, structural & thermal performance
  • Distinctive style options
  • Virtually impervious to weather conditions

Innergy Rigid Thermal Reinforcements

Energy-efficient alternative to aluminum
Advanced fiber glass reinforced resin inserts designed to slide easily into window frame chambers for greater support and insulation.
  • Up to 700 times better than aluminum in material-to-material comparisons
  • Helps prevent staining that can occur with metal reinforcements
  • Improved resistance to impact versus other reinforcement products

Cardinal Neat Glass

Naturally clean glass
Harnesses the sun’s UV rays to loosen dirt so water can rinse it away, leaving windows virtually spotless.
  • Allows more visible light transmittance than any comparable competitive product
  • Enjoy year-round comfort inside the home and an average of 25% energy savings annually
  • Allows water to disperse evenly or “sheet off” and evaporate quickly, greatly reducing water spotting

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